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Greg Beach with Khetmeo Code Blue of La MenageGregory Beach got his first Birman in 1987, Ashi's Jenni of Khetmeo, a blue point breeder/show quality female, bred by Charlene May. "I was a single parent, and my daughter wanted a cat, but I wasn't so fond of a cats at that time. I decided: If we were to get a cat then it needed to at least be one I could live with, and knew I didn't want a loud or overly busy cat. So, I went to the library and started researching the personality and looks of pedigree cats, thinking that with a pedigree cat we could take a lot of guess work out about what we might be getting. I was immediately attracted to the Birman in both looks and personality, but I didn't know how I would see one in person. At the time, I had no idea cat shows existed, but I called a breeder, out of a cat magazine who lived a couple hours from me, and she told me of a show that would be taking place in Rockford, Illinois, H&B-0-pH&BH-`-pH&Bx--pH&B--pH&B--pH&B. .pH&B8.P.pH&Bh..pH&B..pH&B..pH&B./pH&B(/@/pH&BX/p/pH&B//pH&B//pH&B/0pH&B000pH&BH0`0pH&Bx00pH&B00pH&B00pH&B1 1pH&B81P1pH&Bh11pH&B11pH&B11pH&B12pH&B(2@2pH&BX2p2pH&B22pH&B22pH&B23pH&B303pH&BH3`3pH&Bx33pH&B33pH&B33pH&B4 4pH&B84P4pH&Bh44pH&B44p H&B44p H&B45p H&B(5@5p H&BX5p5p H&B55pH&B55pH&B56pH&B606pH&BH6`6pH&Bx66pH&B66pH&B66pH&B7 7pH&B87P7pH&Bh77pH&B77pH&B77pH&B78pH&B(8@8pH&BX8p8pH&B88pH&B88pH&B89p H&B909p!H&BH9`9p"H&Bx99p#H&B99p$H&B99p%H&B: :p&H&B8:P:p'H&Bh::p(H&B::p)H&B::p*H&B:;p+H&B(;@;p,H&BX;p;p-H&B;;p.H&B;;p/H&B;<p0H&B<0<p1H&BH<`<p2H&Bx<<p3H&B<<p4H&B<<p5H&B= =p6H&B8=P=p7H&Bh==p8H&B==p9H&B==p:H&B=>p;H&B(>@>p<H&BX>p>p=H&B>>p>H&B>>p?H&B>?pthe show. I was afraid the deal was too good to be H&Bx??pCH&B??pDH&B??pEH&B@ @pFH&B8@P@pGH&Bh@@pHH&B@@pIH&B@@pJH&B@ApKH&B(A@ApLH&BXApApMHRegion's Award Banquet" width="200" height="300" hspace="10" vspace="3" align="right">It was Thea who captured my heart with her beauty and personality that caused me to begin showing, and later breeding Birmans. Fortunately, for me, it also happens to be that Thea grew up to be a top show quality Birman. Gayle didn't realize just how nicely she had developed until she later saw her at a show. It's a good thing it was too late to call the deal off by then. I'm sure Gayle would have loved to have had her back!

Sadly, Thea passed away when she was five years old, causing me to feel very sad because we were so close. One of the nice things about breeding though is the opportunity to move forward. Thea set a standard for what I want in a Birman. I realize that I will never replace her, but I do continue to look for her sweet little face in every blue point Birman female born here in my home."

Pictured right: Mary Richards & Greg Beach at the Regional Awards Banquet, 2004/05, picking up a Regional Award for GC, RW Shanjo Alex of Catabella.

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