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Welcome Birman Lovers!

Pictured on the right is the cover of Cat Fancy Magazine featuring the Birman. The kitten on the cover is out of the full sister and litter mate of our male, Alex! Be sure to check out our page of what is Currently Available, if you are interested in one of Alex's babies.

And now, for more about us, Catabella & Khetmeo Birmans are two separate and small catteries, located in Pittsburgh, PA and in the central part of PA.  Khetmeo is owned by Gregory Beach and Robert Alexander, and Catabella is owned by Mary Richards.

We maintain separate girls, of similar lines, and share two males to breed them with: GC, RW Shanjo Alex of Catabella and GC Catabella Early Times, "Timmy". Alex is Great Lakes Region's 17th Best Cat, Great Lakes Region's Best Birman and Best Blue Point Birman, 2004-05; and the winner of the Founders Award, for being the highest scoring Birman in Championship at the Sacred Cat Of Burma Fanciers annual show that same year. Timmy is still a young male and has not started breeding, yet. Mary plans to show him before we put him to work as a stud male. He has outstanding type and boning. Timmy is also the winner of the Founders Award, for being the highest scoring Birman in Championship at the Sacred Cat of Burma Fanciers annual show in 2008, and another kitten we are considering keeping to breed, Khetmeo Frankie Knuckles, was also the highest scoring Birman kitten at the SCBF show!

We show exclusively in the Cat Fanciers Association, and are members of the C.F.A. Birman Breed Council and Sacred Cat of Burma Fanciers, C.F.A.'s oldest Birman breed club. Our breeding philosophy is simple: Buy and keep only the best, focusing on quality over quantity. We do not believe it is necessary to have a large number of cats to produce top quality Birmans, and we believe the health and well-being of the cat comes before everything else.

We occasionally have Birman kittens available to pet, breeder, and show homes. If you are interested in one of our home-raised Birmans please feel free to e-mail us.

Thanks for visiting, 

Greg, Robert & Mary

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